Call of Duty World at War DS

Call of Duty World at War DS

Role: Designer
Publisher: Activision
Studio: n-Space, Inc
Platform: Nintendo DS

Our first and last dive into World War II was also the first time I was asked to design levels instead of simply scripting them.

  • 16 Level Long Campaign
  • Four Player Wifi Multiplayer
  • Challenge Mode
  • Mini Games
Key Takeaways:

  • GDD Writing
  • Level design and scripting
  • Gameplay and weapon tuning
  • Story and dialogue
Although I oversaw the game as a whole, the following are the levels which I scripted myself:

Basic tutorial with the British SAS

“Recon Mission”
A US Marine UAV performs an air-sweep recon over a Venezualan village.

“On the Run”
The Marines fail to locate the device and attempt to escape through enemy lines

“Last Chance”
The SAS team rush onwards into the factory containing Farhad’s device. This is their only chance to disarm it.