Call of Duty MW3 Defiance DS

Call of Duty MW3 Defiance DS

Role: Lead Designer
Publisher: Activision
Studio: n-Space, Inc
Platform: Nintendo DS

This was the last Call of Duty game I worked on, and as the design lead, I had a hand in designing all aspects of the player’s experience, which included:

  • 14 Level Campaign
  • Six Player Wifi Multiplayer
  • Challenge Mode
  • Collectibles
  • Mini Games
Key Takeaways:

  • GDD Writing
  • Level design and scripting
  • Gameplay and weapon tuning
  • Story and dialogue
  • Design team leadership
Although I oversaw the game as a whole, the following are the levels which I scripted myself:

SFSG troops, guided by US JSTARS circling overhead, must make their way towards a suspected weapons cache.

“Running For Cover”
US forces are sent to clear a civilian town and commerce sector, preventing Russians from establishing a staging area for wider attacks.

“Dam Approach”
An SFSG helicopter insertion team clears the grounds surrounding the Hoover Dam before deploying ground troops to clear the interior.

“Lights Out”
SFSG ground troops enter to secure the Hoover Dam, trying to prevent the Russians from destroying it but they fail the mission in the process and the dam is blown up.

“Fire From the Sky”
An AC130 clears the exterior of a Russian occupied commercial airport before ground troops move in.

“Heavy Metal”
Russian armor and troops have moved into a Baltimore suburb, and allied Abram battle tanks have been mobilized to eliminate them.

“Hurricane Ivan”
The allies have downloaded a manifest detailing a recently arrived WMD, and initiate a frantic chase towards an airlift to secure it.